Downtown Cafe
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The Story behind DOWNTOWN CAFÉ


In January 1956, Elvis Presley rocked the world with his first No.1 hit single “Heartbreak Hotel”, and in November of the same year, he made his film debut, “Love Me tender.” It was the time of Rock and Roll, Cadillacs, Jukeboxes and Soda Fountains.


The relative affluence spread throughout the major towns and cities around the world. People went to Downtown to do business, shop, watch a movie, eat out, or simply have a good time.


1956 was also the year Claude was born, the ninth child of Katoks and During Tayag, thus naming him Claude 9.


Downtown Café 1956 brings you back to the good ‘ol days, serving the familiar tastes we all grew up loving in a fresh take. It’s like hearing a familiar story with a new punch line.



“You can forget all your troubles

Forget all your cares, so go Downtown

Things will be great when you’re Downtown

No finer place for sure, Downtown

Everything’s waiting for you.”


(DownTown Song by Petula Clark released in 1964)

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